The Island

The island of Cavallo has been uninhabited for many thousands years. Romans sent colonies of prisoners to cut the granit destinated to roman monuments; it was impossible to flee as the island was surrounded by dangerous depths.
The “Cursed Siren”, this is the island’s nickname, as its beauty hid snares, which all navigators feared. In 1855, during a stormy night, the bigger and tragic shipwreck of the Mediterranean Sea happened: the ship Semillante, which  transported more then 600 French soldiers to Crimea, sank in the Lavezzi Archipelago. Their bodies were buried in Lavezzi into the 2 cemeteries built for them. The legend recognizes in the shouts of the gulls the voices of their souls, who are even now looking for peace in the blue sea.
The island of Cavallo was abandoned during Augusto’s empire and was left at its destiny for many centuries. It was rediscovered later in 1800 when the shepherd Terrazzoni went to live there alone with his sheeps and goats.
Cavallo is the only habited island of the Archipelago and is the most exclusive paradise of Mediterranean Sea.
Ten years ago an harbour was built, surrounded by a village and one hundred apartments.
Cavallo is not an island for a normal tourism; it must remain an oasis with few buildings in order to not disturb the pleasure of holidays.
It is a separate world, closed and privileged, where residents can find everything, surrounded by a magic environment, which represents the most elegant corner of Mediterranean Sea.

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